Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A week in our life- Tuesday

Today we had lots to get done around the house, especially since yesterday I did nothing during Ra's nap.  We all got up and took dad to work (his car is still in the shop) and Raleigh and I headed to go shopping at one of my least favorite places to go/one of her favorite places...Walmart!  It always tends to take us forever when we go, but the need to eat always overcomes my ill feelings for that place.  What we have started doing is going to Walmart knowing that when we finish we can stop at the McDonald's that is inside on the way out.  We get home and she starts having a picnic with her happy meal and watches one of her favorite TV shows Bubble guppies while I unload the groceries.  Today I definitely thought on more than one occasion, "How in the world am I going to do this with two kids?"  After lunch Raleigh helped me start on the laundry.  I am so thankful for how much of a game she thinks it is to find stains and help shove as many  clothes in our washing machine!!  She then "did a craft" as she likes to call it, while I tried to straighten up the house.  During her nap time, I cleaned the house.  There is not much to say about that except that it was pretty gross, but now is clean.  Ra got up from her nap and had a snack and then we played hide and seek for a little bit and I tried to get ready (I hadn't put on any kind of makeup or anything yet).  Clint got his car back sometime during the day, so we didn't need to go and get him, but he came home around 6.  At 6:30ish some of our sweet high school girls came over to hang out.  Raleigh was so excited that "her girls were coming to see her!"  She greeted them at the door with, "It is so nice to see you." So funny!  She then put on quite the performance for them until she and her daddy left for a date together.  With the girls over, we ordered pizza, hung out, and made a fruit pizza.  It was so fun!!  During the crazy week, I don't always get the chance to talk to all of them for a long time, but tonight we just got to catch up.  Raleigh and Clint  came home with a surprise from their date...beautiful flowers!!  They are so sweet to think about me even when we are not together.  It was a late night, but so great to spend time and catch up with my, excuse me, with Raleigh's girls.

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