Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

From the Ivy household to yours...Happy Easter!!  

Weekend with Logan and Karly

Happy Birthday Clint!

Yippee !  On the 21st, Clint turned 27!  For some reason Birthdays are a big deal to our family.  This year was a little bit more relaxed for us.  He opened presents, we watched Beverly Hills Ninja and ate pizza.  Pretty low key for the Ivy household, maybe we are getting older... or tired.  It's pretty much a toss up.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLINTON!!! 
Titus helped Clint open his gift...somehow the bow ended up on Titus' head.
This is not one of Clint's gifts...but one of Titus' toys.
Clint is always silly.
A gift card to lids (a hat store) and a new watch!
Several new shirts!
 Of course we can't forget... the pink cake and pink icing. (it looks a little bit girly if you ask me!) 

Our Sweet Niece and Nephew

One of our least favorite things about moving to the Woodlands is that we are farther away from our sweet niece and nephew.  However, we did get to see them and our amazing all star basketball player Logan!  We love you guys tons and can't wait to see you again soon!  Check out the pictures from our awesome weekend.

"Business Trip"

Clint just recently got back from a "business trip."  I am not jealous...ok, maybe I am just a bit.  They got to go to Florida, DC and other parts of the United States tying up loose ends and finalizing the trips that all the youth kids will go on this summer.  He was super  pumped about meeting with Give Kids the World (an organization that works with terminally ill children).  I can not wait for the summer to get here already!   The pictures above are the guys in the airport...just in case you were wondering who in the world they were.

Can dogs read?

Ok, I know that dogs can't read, but wouldn't it be fun if they could?  The other day Clint was reading his Bible in the living room and Titus just wanted to be a part of what was going on.  I swear it looked like he was totally understanding what was going on and what he was reading.  That's funny....I don't care who you are!

My trip to MAC

MAC Cosmetics, Home
I decided that it was time to change my makeup.  Now that we live in a city with a good mall, it is a little bit easier to maintain the different types of makeup.  So, I decided on MAC.  I remember wearing their makeup in college and loving it....and there was a store conveniently in the Woodlands mall.  I made an appointment and was ready to go.  The nice lady that I talked to said, "The girl who will do your makeup is very sweet and looks like a ballerina."  I was pumped... I could just feel that excellent makeup was in my future.  When I arrived for my appointment, my "ballerina" had a spike through her chin!  Not that that is a problem, just not what I was expecting.  All in all, it was a great experience with great makeup....I still haven't quite figured out how to make my makeup look like how the "ballerina" did it that day, but I guess we are a step up from frumpiness.  MAC is awesome!  I highly recommend the ballerina nearest you. 

Wedding Fun

A couple of months ago Clint was in a wedding (a friend that works at FOTW).  It was so fun!  At times I get a little hesitant about going to weddings... maybe  I am still exhausted from the year that Clint and I were in 9 weddings! At Mark and Jenny's wedding we had such a blast!  It was so refreshing to see the boys kick back and be silly and have a great time.   Thank you Miller's for allowing us to be a part of your special day.  
Clint, Me, Rachel, and Brett at the reception.
What good looking boys!  
Brett, Clint, and Jon
Lauren, Rachel and Karen having so much fun!