Monday, October 31, 2011

Thaddaeus David Ivy is here!!

On October 3rd at 8:16 am, our sweet Thaddaeus David Ivy made his grand entrance into this world!!!  His debut was much less dramatic than his sister (which tends to also associate with his personality), but we think he is perfect and precious!!  It was a wonderful day and we have tons of pictures from all of our new memories.  Here are our top 10 favorite pictures from his first day of life..

Thaddaeus David Ivy 
7 pounds 7 ounces, 19 inches long

 Love at first sight with our little man!!

 The two men of the family finally getting to meet.

 Me and Ra....well, just being us!

 Big Sister meeting her brother.

 Big Sister already feeling the need to "help" Mimi.

 Pop and Thad.

 The two David's and Clint.

 Thad and his I look a little bit sleepy or what?!?

Sweet boy...this is still his favorite way to sleep.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The story behind the name

When we told many people what we were naming baby Ivy #2, we got lots of feedback.  Most of the feedback was not in the positive direction.  Most everyone said, "I don't know if I like it or not."  At first my feelings were really hurt, but then I quickly got over it.  We knew why we wanted to give our future son his name and it had meaning to us just like his sweet sister that came before him.  So here is the story behind the name.  First of all, we like to pass down a middle name that is named after someone from our family.  Raleigh Lorea was named after her great grandmother.  We hope that she carries on some of the character that my grandmother has as a person, as well as the name.  Thaddaeus' middle name is David, after Clint's father.  If I could use only one word to describe his dad it would be...unwavering.  He is a man who is unwavering in his faith, unwavering in his love for his family, and unwavering in his work ethic.  We pray that Thad gets some of his unwavering personality.  As for his first name...Thaddaeus.  Several years ago we moved to a new job in the Woodlands.  We were very excited to join a team with the Taylor family.  One of our first experiences with Mike was the weekend that his oldest son was graduating from high school.  Mike shared a sweet story about his son and how when he was an infant Mike prayed that his son would love the Lord with everything that he had or that God would take him at a young age because he couldn't stand the heartache of seeing his son not love the Lord.  Wow!  Some people would think that is a little bit extreme, but you should meet his son.  Thaddaeus Taylor is amazing!!  He is truly a young man who is changing the world for the Lord.  He was an intern for Clint a little bit later and we have been blessed by the Taylor family in so many different ways.  So Thaddaeus David Ivy, you have many people who have influenced your name and I hope that you will carry on and inherit some of their character.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A case of cabin fever

Since we have been stuck indoors for a couple of weeks, some of us are beginning to get a case of "cabin fever."  The worst case has been caught by our little princess Raleigh.  For example, her main source of transportation is her bouncy ball.  She goes everywhere on it.  Who needs to walk when you have a bouncy ball??  The other night she was experiencing a case of cabin fever.  When this happens I get concerned for baby Thad the most (because with her cabin fever comes a healthy dose of clumsiness).  I kept asking her to stay away from her brother, but she quickly took it as "wave to your brother."  We got a super quick video of the cabin fever...if you have any medicine to fix this illness, please let us know!

Baby Ivy #2

I feel terrible for not capturing every detail of this last pregnancy, but being pregnant with a 2 year old doesn't yield itself for lots of extra downtime.  If you know me, you know that I am not the most pleasant pregnant lady.  For some people, their skin has a beautiful glow and they feel wonderful the entire time.  I am so sad to say that I am not one of those lucky people.  Pregnancy for me usually means throwing up in lots of random places, breaking out in acne, and gaining weight like a champ.  So when I found out that we were expecting baby Ivy #2, I was very excited and a little bit shocked, but most of all, I was really dreading being pregnant again.  This time around was very similar to being pregnant with Raleigh, but it also had a few perks.  For one, I wasn't as sick and I was able to still run in the mornings (which was a feat that was impossible with baby #1).  I also gained a lot less weight this time around...I think I grasped the concept of eating for two a little bit better this time.  I still threw up in lots of interesting places again this time...I even threw up on a cop this time (believe me I warned him before it happened).  All that fun that I tend to have during my pregnancies has resulted in two wonderful gifts....Raleigh and Thaddaeus.  Now that they are both here, all of that "fun" was totally worth it.

This is the best pregnancy picture that I have with baby Thad...seriously, I didn't take any pictures during my pregnancy at all.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Zoo

In an effort to make our soon to be big sister feel special...we asked her what was something special that she wanted to do for her Big Sister day.  Her response...she wanted to go to the zoo!! She wanted to see the little mice that go, "squeak squeak" and the pigs.  So funny! We first had to go to baby Thad's doctor appointment and then we were off to the zoo!  We had such an amazing time with our sweet little princess.  She named a crocodile Mr. Turtle, fed the giraffes, and loved the otters.  Thankfully, we also avoided adding any extra babies to the zoo that day (Thad decided to wait through the weekend to make his first appearance).

 Raleigh and Daddy feeding a Giraffe...look how close they are!!

 Mommy and Raleigh checking out the elephants.

 So precious!!!

 We were seriously this close to these fun, but a little bit scary for Raleigh.

 So silly!!

 Raleigh is doing her best interpretation of the turtle swimming in the background.  This somehow became her new dance for the day.

 Checking out the big birds that are, "just like Gran Gran's" according to Raleigh.

 I'm not really sure how to explain this one?!?

Always safe with Daddy.