Thursday, December 18, 2008

Raleigh's Room

We have officially started on Raleigh's Room!!!  I know I am a little bit biased, but I think it looks pretty darn good.  Here are some pictures..
Her bed and name
Her bedding a little bit closer.

Things that you definitely want to hear on your birthday...

Some of the great quotes from my birthday...
"You don't look a day past 29." - that would make anyone who is turning 28 feel awesome.
"Your hips are growing at a rapid pace, so much so that your skin can't keep up." - anyone would want to hear that from their chiropractor....right?
"You are 30 weeks along?  You don't look that bad."
Overall, my day was pretty delightful.  The random comments were a little hard to swallow, but with a lot of laughter it was no big deal.  My sweet husband did a great job of making a big deal out of my birthday (he deserves an award).  I had a great time.  Welcome to the world of being 28 years old.

It should only take a weekend...

"It should only take a weekend to put in a patio..." Those are the famous last words from Carl and Clint. What is it about us that we think we can accomplish so much in so little time? Where is the realistic voice in our heads? Of course we don't listen to the voice in our heads that say, "You are a silly little fool to think you can finish a patio in a weekend." I should listen to that realistic voice more often, but I tend to listen to the voice that reminds me that, "they do stuff like this on TLC all the time." Stupid. Not Smart. Not realistic. Needless to say, we (Clint and Carl) are still working on the patio and are very close to being finished. They have worked so hard and it is so beautiful. We can't wait to use it!!!
The beginning stages of the patio.
Carl and Levi figuring out the pattern of the layout.
The beginning stages.....

Our First Baby Shower

At Thanksgiving, we had our first family shower.  It was so much fun!!  It was so good to see Clint's side of the family.  I feel like we haven't seen everybody since before we got married.  I wish we could get to Dallas more often to see everybody....I guess there is only room for improvement.  Thanks again to Anne and Cindy for hosting such a wonderful party for Raleigh.
Clint and a picture of the Adamcik girls (these girls Cindy kept since they were little and are like sisters to Clint).