Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Old Brown

It is official...old brown has bent sent to the place where all vehicles are new again.  None other than Mexico!!  Clint got a new truck!!  It got to the point where we were spending way more to keep brownie running than we would on a vehicle that was reliable.  Although I do have to give props to the truck that I hated, we did get a decent trade in value.   Clint is pumped and has only let me drive it once.
The front of the truck...can you see Titus?
Side view of the tundra.
Inside the front cab.
Inside the back seat.

The Boxes are Coming!!

They may have arrived at your door, maybe not.  If your name is Karly, Logan, Mason, Kodie or have a package coming your way!!!  It is nothing super duper important, just a box full of cool stuff.  Anticipation and excitement for the kids, nervousness and worry for the parents.  I love being an aunt!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

March Madness

The brackets have been posted on the fridge.  I have to let you know that I am the reigning champ for the past two years!!  My strategy?....not telling a soul  (although, it does have a little to do with the team's colors and mascots).  Not any sooner that the brackets went up, they came down...showing that defeat was on my side.  That's right...I LOST BAD!!!  I guess that is how it is suppossed to go, since Clint is from "the basketball" family.    I am just sad, sad, and more sad. Better luck next year.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Top Gun Hottie

No, it is not Tom Cruise...but Clint Ivy and the boys.  They "needed" to go skydiving to get a good video for the next step ministries for youth.  CRAZY!!!  I have to admit that I tried to stay calm, (but I was completely going out of my mind) and teach sweet little fourth graders math, but it wasn't happening.  We waited with anxious nerves till we heard from Clint that everything was fine.  They got a great video and tons of pictures (on Clint's facebook), but what is funny to me is that Clint was actually a little bit let down by the experience.  WHAT?!  I would have for sure peed in my pants and marked it down as a top 10 memorable experience.  As for live on the edge Top Gun Clint....just a normal day.