Friday, April 27, 2012

Update on Thaddaeus

I realized I haven't really given an update on our "little warrior" recently.  Our sweet boy is doing fantastic!!  He truly does have the most laid back personality and the happiest heart.  He is a snuggle bug and is a daddy's boy for sure.  We have ventured into the cereal/soft foods world, and he is in love!!

Every time we have a checkup, he is off the charts.  We are pretty sure you are going to be a really tall boy, just like your daddy!

You absolutely adore your sister...we are hoping that lasts a long time!  You want to be around her all the time and think she is pretty funny.

You have started to crawl some...and I am pretty sure that once you get moving you will be very hard to stop!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Girls Retreat

Our Spring has been pretty busy!!!  We just had our girl's retreat and it was awesome!  It excites me to see so many of our girls desiring to get to know the Lord better.  And of course we had tons of fun!!  From One Direction to Cupcake Wars, the weekend was incredible.  On Saturday we finished up with loads of break out teaching sessions from the best teachers around and sent the girls home exhausted.  This is definitely one of my favorite events that we do and I am so blessed to get to work with Steph-the best girls minister around!!  So excited about next year, but I so need some sleep.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Part Two

 Since we are home on Easter (kinda), this year we started some new traditions.  The biggest one was the super awesome Egg Hunt!!!  We hid four different colored eggs that gave clues about where to find the next egg and then the final prize!!  Raleigh LOVED this, and Thad, well he didn't really care all that much. Ha!
 Here is the nifty clipboard, so we can mark of our success.

 Look who found the first one!!!

 Checking off the list

 Blue egg...found!!1

 Happy Easter from these two cuties!!

 Soooo excited to find the last egg!!!  Which led to...

 So many Easter treasures

 Like I said, Thaddaeus was not very excited.

Poor guy...when you are so small you can't quite get away from your sister who forces you to listen to her read (while wearing her new sparkly hat, of course).

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Part One

Every year at Easter, we sadly don't get to spend time with any of our immediate family, only due to the fact that our schedule is soooo busy!  With Easter being on a Sunday, it is really hard to get to family and then get back for "work."  We had an awesome Easter this year!!  Thaddaeus had his first egg hunt and Raleigh expanded her palette of colors when hunting eggs (last year her basket was only allowed to carry pink eggs). Ha!!

Raleigh and Clint enjoying the beautiful day

Thaddaeus and precious are they?!?

Clint and Thaddeaues....Clint was not very pleased about the bunny hat on his little warrior!!

Raleigh hunting for eggs

Raleigh's bff Kennedy getting in on the action

Raleigh was very picky in the selection of her eggs...does that surprise anyone? 

My sweet family

Nothing better to top of an egg hunt than a delicious snowcone!!