Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Much Love from the "Big Girl" Swing!!

Clint took this quick video while playing with Raleigh outside today.  She has transitioned to the "Big Girl" swing.  We are so thankful that she loves to be outdoors, but it is quite difficult to get her to come inside! HA!!  Enjoy the hiccups and the extra long bangs!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Freedom Videos Part 4

This is the second part to the final video for Freedom weekend 2011.  It was such an awesome weekend!!

Freedom Videos Part 3

This video is the one that they showed at the end of the weekend.  It is so large they had to split it into two videos on YouTube.  Here is Part 1.  So fun!!

Freedom Videos Part 2

Here is another video with sweet Kristen.  She is one of Ra Ra's babysitters :)

Freedom Videos Part 1

Before and during Freedom there are lots of videos that are shot.  Some are very silly, and some are very intentional.  Here is one of the silly ones.  Can I just tell you how hard I laughed at Clint in this one!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Running Shoes Are In The Kitchen, It Must Be Freedom Time!

The past couple of weeks, I have felt that we have been running around without our heads attached!  We have lost a lot of things, our house looks like a tornado hit it, and my running shoes are in the kitchen (not even close to where they belong)!!  Freedom weekend was coming, and so did the snow and ice which made Raleigh crazy and Clint anxious.  Many thoughts went through my mind of doubt, fear, and just plain  being nervous.  Then God Almighty showed up and the result??   Everything more than we could ever imagine.

Amidst 520 something students, God began to soften hearts, heal relationships, and speak words of truth over them.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  It was a blessing to be a sidekick to Clint and his staff this past weekend.  So the next time my running shoes are in the kitchen, I guess I will know to get ready for what God wants to do.

The Next American Idol

It has snowed sooo much the last couple of weeks.  We tried to go and play, but our little princess was not a big fan.  She wanted to go outside, but was actually upset that her rain boots didn't match her jacket perfectly, which meant she obviously couldn't been seen out in public like that.  Do we have our hands full or what?!  Ha!  Since we chose not to play outside, we played everything imaginable inside.... and I mean EVERYTHING!!  One of the days, Raleigh decided to put on a concert.  Oh, my goodness!!  We laughed so hard, with out insulting the performer, of course.  Here is a quick video of her singing debut.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Man It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

So, a huge case of cabin fever has taken its toll on our family!!!  Clint can't go to work (which he has now resorted to pacing), Raleigh can't go outside (which she has now resorted to destroying the house), and we are all in need of some serious sunshine!!  Yesterday morning, Clint was fixing the frozen pipe situation at our house, while Raleigh was informed that she was not allowed to go outside.  In frustration and with a serious bit of sassiness, she requested for her daddy's toboggan.  Clint gave it to her in hopes of raising her spirits, but she just used the hat to add more drama to her pouting.  We laughed so hard at her, but she wasn't cracking.  We could not figure out what she looked more like: a gangsta or a hippie!!  What can break a bad attitude with this girl???  Well, I pulled out the big guns and offered to make homemade Hello Kitty waffles!!  It definitely change her attitude and outlook on another day spent inside.

Hello attitude changer!!!

We still wore the hat, but at least we had some smiles!!!