Sunday, November 11, 2007

House Update

We have our final walk through this Friday! Some of you are thinking to yourselves....WHAT!? So are we! We found out a couple of days ago that we are closing on our house November the 21st. The day before Thanksgiving. We were supposed to close in December sometime and be in by Christmas. If you are not doing your happy dance, you need to get up and do it right now. Go ahead. Get up and happy dance! We are so excited about being closer to being in our home and having all of you guys come and stay. Here are some pics of what has been going on lately at the casa.
Here is a picture of our brick color. The right side of the house hasn't been washed off yet, but basically this is what it looks like.
The counter tops are in! The color is a black with lots of tan in it. It will look great with black/silver appliances.
Here is what our fence looks like. They set the posts one day, and the next day the fence was built COMPLETELY! We have 6 trees in our back yard...the grass is soon to come.
Titus and I are showing off the new carpet color. Doorknobs were installed as well.

Mamma didn't raise no spelling bee champ!

I am a product of the spell check generation. Call me crazy, but there is something inside of me that makes my palms begin to sweat when I think about spelling bees. Then spell check was invented! Whoever invented that definitely needs to have a cookie bouquet sent to them. Lately I have been feeling pretty confident in my spelling, (maybe it is the teacher in me) until my friend Jessica called me the other day. She asked me, "How do you spell the word cabinet?" I immediately reverted back to elementary spelling bee days. Palms sweating I answered, " Cabinet. C-A-B-N-E-T." "She sweetly replied,"I think there is an I in there." Pine trees! My confidence had caught up with me. I hadn't been spell checking all of my posts and I had spelled the word cabinet wrong several times! Check it out. I left it in the posts so you could laugh with me. Thank goodness I teach science and math.