Thursday, August 02, 2012

ABC's of the Summer- Part Two

Here are just a few more of the highlights from our ABC adventures this summer.

L is for Ladies that are silver...also known as mannequins!!  Raleigh loved getting her picture taken with all of these "ladies" every time we went shopping this summer.

 Raleigh and the silver ladies.

M is for....Movies and Mohawks!!

 We joined a movie club this summer and would go and see movies one day a week throughout the summer.  It was super cheap so it didn't bother me much if we had to leave if Thad was having a hard time.

 My cute little warrior rocked a mohawk quite a bit this summer!!

O is for...Outside.

 Thaddaeus LOVED swinging and being outside so much this summer.  We went to lots of different parks, but could only be outside in small time frames because it was so hot!!

 My two monkeys on the swings.

Q is for...Quackers.  We love feeding the ducks, also known as "quackers" in our family.  

 Thad watching the ducks...

Ra feeding the quackers.

Thad honestly spent most of his time eating the bread instead of feeding the ducks.  Ha!

S is for smart glasses....we read a lot around our house, but we found that our smart glasses really help.

I know you might have thought that was Clark Kent, but it is really Thaddaeus!!

Smart and Sassy Raleigh

W is for... wagon rides.  Another way we can be outside is by taking a wagon ride in the evening.

Sweet loves!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ABC's of the Summer- Part 1

This summer has been full of so much fun!!  We tried to go through the alphabet and do a fun activity and craft with each letter.  We did manage to conquer every letter, although it sometimes got extremely creative, but we had a great time overall.  Here is some of the highlights of the fun things we did...

A is for...animals.  We went to several pet stores and saw all kinds of new animals.

 Raleigh's favorite were the tiny mice

 Thad's favorites were the g. pigs....he just kept laughing and laughing at them!!

Bis for...Bugs!!! We bought some bugs for the bath tub and watched them grow and shrink a ton of times.  B was also for bath time...we gave Titus a bath (like I said, sometimes we stretched our creativity).
 Raleigh and her favorite insect....the ladybug!!

C is for Cheetoes!!!  This summer Thad discovered the wonderful world of Cheetoes and is lovin life!!

 Serious about Cheetoes...

D is for a Dangerous new buddy named Skippy Jon Jones.  This summer Raleigh really got into the Skippy Jon Jones books.  Thad just simply enjoyed laughing at my attempt to speak in an accent.

Can you tell that we had to have our hair fixed to where it will match Skippy's ears??

F is for Funny Faces and Funny hats.  Raleigh definitely went through a time this summer where she thought she was just like a dinosaur.  She would copy their faces and try to make everyone laugh around her...silly girl!!
Dinosaur face!!

Thad also had to wear his funny hat this summer every time we swam...I thought it was precious, but everyone else thought it was ridiculous.

I is for Injuries....I know it is inevitable (you like all the letter I usage don't you) but being a member of the Ivy family it is only a matter of time until you get injured.  My sweet boy got his first injury this summer.  Thankfully, we avoided his eye. As you can see, he seems to handle pain pretty well.