Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daddy/Daughter Date

Raleigh and Clint squeezed in some extra time to go on one more date before daddy's schedule gets super busy.  Where did she choose to go? To the movies of course!!!  She loves going to the movies with her daddy.  They get a HUGE icee and lots of snacks.  I love when they go because it also opens up time for me and my little Thad man to hang out.  The more they go on their dates together, the more "rules" Raleigh seems to come up with.  Clint is such a good sport.

 One new rule...they have to match!!  Such a cute purple pair!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Build a Bear

We went on another "Ivy Day" to Build a Bear.  It was a huge success!!  They both had so much fun building their new buddies and need to have them around at all times.  Here are some pics from our fabulous day.  We were a little camera happy..sorry.

 Raleigh picking out her new buddy

Thad's new buddy 

 Raleigh putting the heart in and stuffing her buddy and taking care of brother's as well

 Cleaning and prepping her buddy

 She was a little bit scared of the shower, but pushed through for the sake of her bunny buddy

 Our favorite part...playing dress up!!

 Our special day gets a big two thumbs up!!

Raleigh and her new buddy Daisy the Aggie cheerleader bunny

Thaddaeus and his new buddy Hulk the bear

Two happy kiddos is a day of fun in my book!!  Don't you just want to squeeze them?!?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dallas Aquarium

As the end of May is approaching, we know the summer is coming.  For most people they view summer as a time of relaxation and rest.  For us, it when the craziness around here gets kicked into high gear.  Our kids are pretty flexible, but summer is pretty tough on them, especially the not seeing their dad a ton part.  Raleigh and Thaddaeus are both in LOVE with their daddy (I can't blame them...I think he is pretty awesome also) and spending weeks a part is tough.  We thought we would try to ease the pain of the separation by increasing our outings and daddy/daughter dates in the month of May.  This plan could totally backfire on us, but we are hoping it doesn't.  Our most recent trip we went on was a trip to the Dallas Aquarium.  It was awesome!!  I had remembered going on a field trip years ago when I was still teaching and loved how it was laid out by the levels of the rainforest and was so excited about taking the kids there.  Raleigh thought it was amazing!!  Thaddaeus was happy and smiled pretty much the whole time.
Raleigh's excited face!!!

Raleigh's favorite penguin in the outdoor exhibit.  Of course she named it...Gertrude!!! Ha!! 

Ra and me by one of the waterfalls 

Watching the finger monkeys...they were so cute, but a little bit hyper, so Ra was holding on pretty tight!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Splash Day/End of the Year

I can't believe that it is already May!!  How quickly our spring always goes.  We have had several events at our school to finish the year out.

They had a Mother's Day tea.  It was so sweet.  They did a little performance that was so precious of them reciting all their verses for the year.  We also had a little brunch and Raleigh was very concerned with the fact that the "little honies" (that is what she calls children) needed to make sure that their mommies were taken care of.

My little honey

 Raleigh's two teachers...they are awesome!!  We have been so thankful for two ladies that love our daughter and just seem to "get her."

We also had Splash Day.  For most kids this is a dream come true...if you know Raleigh....not so much.  She spent most of her day eating a snow cone.  Daddy did come and help her to be brave (something about trusting that Daddy) and then she enjoyed getting wet a little more.

 Ra and her best buddy.  Poor girls, they are both supposed to be really tall.  At least they will have each other when the boys won't ask them out because they are to tall. Ha!

Raleigh rockin her A&M bathing suit

Raleigh and Daddy