Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Walls Go Up!

Excuse me....the framing went up! I don't really care what you call it; frame, form, is all good news to me! Our builder told us that when we begin to see the framing go up, we know that we are about 60 days out. 60 DAYS! I can't believe how soon that is. I can't believe how blessed we are. The guys had this much framing done in about 8 hours(in the pictures) and were still working.

Ladies and Gentlemen..

We have concrete! Pine trees! Yippee! We went to check on the house and the concrete had been poured. Clint said, "You can tell that it was recent because the concrete was still warm." My husband the builder...such a smart man. I would have assumed that the concrete was warm because of the Houston heat. Silly me! Yay concrete!

Lee Strobel rocks my face off!

This past weekend Lee Strobel visited our church. It was crazy good. He told his story of how he was an athiest, but through his wife and curiousity he became a Christian. It was very neat to see how he searched out lots of info to see if the Christian thing was true...well, it is! From his research he formed his famous book A Case For Christ. It was very refreshing to hear a honest view of Christianity.

Waiting is making us crazy!

Waiting for the concrete is making us crazy!...but we will be patient.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Concrete Please!

We are becoming very anxious about....concrete. I never thought I would say that I was anxious about concrete...but I so am! This week at our house, in one day they put up everything and are ready to pour concrete. So what happened the rest of the week? Nothing. We are waiting for concrete. I am sure there are logical reasons to why they haven't poured the concrete, but I am beginning to wonder. I am beginning to brainstorm about what I could do to help the process move more quickly...taking the workers some lunch...sending them a fruit basket...starbucks...maybe we will just have to wait and be patient.

Seeing into the future

I am by no means a psychic, or do I believe that it is biblical, but if you could see in the future..this is what our house is kinda going to look like. Here are some pics of the color of brick we chose and our future home.

The Forms Go Up!

Yippee! We are pumped. The forms for our house are up. I have no idea how these guys work in the rain. Our friend Jessica called us (they live in the neighborhood) to tell us the exciting news. We went over to our house that afternoon to find that the forms were up....but there was tons of mud everywhere because of the rain! Do you think a little mud kept us from walking our lot? No way! Titus even got in the mud with was a family affair! Here are some pictures of our lot with the forms. Exciting!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away, We Want to Build a House Someday! We are so excited about our new home! We really need it to stop raining so those guys can get to work. We were promised that we are suppossed to be in the home by Christmas. I am so pumped. We have gotten to pick out everything. Clint picked out the lot, he wanted trees in the backyard. I really don't care about trees, but they are pine trees...go figure. Here is a picture of our lot.

Little Cottage In the Woods

Ok, so maybe it is not a cottage, but it is in the woods! Maybe it is a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment in the woods, but man is it cozy! Actually, our apartment is pretty nice to live in while we are building our new house. We are almost paying as much per month in rent for an apartment as we will for a house. Pine trees! It sure is expensive to be cozy!

Trees, Trees, and More Trees!

I am catching on to why they call this place The Woodlands....hmm...can any one say trees! Not only are there trees everywhere, but they have some kind of rule that all of their vendor signs have to be on the ground. The guy that founded this place was an Aggie...does that make me a dumb Aggie because I can not figure this place out? I am beginning to think that I am the Aggie that they are talking about in all of those jokes. Shoot! Pine trees could become a bad word in our house. They don't just make me sneeze, but they get me lost!

Sad Goodbyes

It is official. We are no longer Grahamites. The Lord moved so quickly that I don't think we truly had time to process how soverign and providental He is. The Sunday that we moved is when it finally hit me... we really are leaving Graham. It is hard for my mind to fathom how big our God is when I take a step back and look at the big picture. The Lord knew that I tend to worry, so He sold our home in 1 1/2 hours. My next thought was that it was obviously too late for me to find a job, a sure sign that we were not suppossed to move(I have been teaching 4th grade at Hirsch Elementary for a couple of weeks). Things just seemed to fall into place in a way that no one could explain. Throughout this hard process, God has been providential in showing us where exactly He has us. We are excited to be where the Lord has us, but it is still hard. It was hard leaving best friends, people that were our second families, and especially the precious youth. With the feelings of sad, lonliness, and excitement inside of you, there really is nothing you can do but cry. So I have. lots. We will miss you all tons and are thankful to all of you for sharing your lives with us.