Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus!

One of our family traditions is celebrating Jesus' birthday.  We bake cupcakes, sing "Happy Birthday," and open one birthday present (new pajamas).  We normally do this on Christmas Eve, but we were running a little behind, so we did it yesterday.  Raleigh was such a great helper.  We have a video of her singing and telling baby Jesus, "Happy day, Jesus!!"  As soon as we can get that uploaded we will.

Raleigh helping bake the cupcakes.

Miss Independent icing the cupcakes!

Choosing the right color sprinkles is a must!!!

Blowing out the candle.


Enjoying cupcakes with Daddy!!

Our tower of birthday cupcakes.

We scream for...Butterflies!!

One of Raleigh's presents was a game called "Elefun."  Honestly, we bought it because it would be one of the few toys that she would own that didn't make tons of noise! Ha!  The elephant blows butterflies out of its' trunk and you are supposed to catch them in your butterfly net.  Raleigh didn't get quite that all.  Every time we would turn the elephant on she would say, "Here they come!!" referring to the butterflies.  She would scream, run around the room, drop her butterfly net and start fluttering her "wings" like a butterfly.  It was so funny.  After more than 30 minutes, she fell down on the floor with several butterfly nets on top of her (it is so exhausting chasing animals) and called it quits.  I have a feeling we will play another round of  elefun tomorrow!!  Here is a video of the famous butterfly catcher.