Sunday, September 12, 2010


One of Raleigh's new favorite words has become...cookies!!  She wakes up in the morning and requests them for breakfast.  When she is not successful in this request, she continues to ask several times every hour.  Her favorite cookie is the classic Oreo (she takes after Clint on this one), but she will eat anything resembling a cookie.  She will choose a cookie over ice cream any day of the week.  Watch out cookie monster, you may have a competitor on your hands! Ha!

Check out those lovely black teeth!!

Hello Houston!!

This summer Clint was gone about 5 weeks!!  There were some trips that we were able to go on, but for those that we couldn't, we went to Houston to spend time with Mimi and Pop.  We were able to see grandparents, check on the house, and not have to be in an apartment alone!!  We miss seeing everyone so often, but we will see everyone soon!!  Here are some of my favorite pics from our trips to Houston.

Raleigh had a great time hanging out with grandparents...can you tell she looks up to her grandpa??

Playing dress up!!

Nothing better than a zebra, pig, and cowboy hat!!!

Raleigh is a cowgirl at heart

Hanging out with Mimi

Being silly with Pop!!

Doing Aunt Na Na's pretty!

Dancing in the rain after playing in Mimi's pool.

Pretty girl!!

And of course, hanging out with my daddy outside is my favorite!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's raining, It's pouring, Hopefully Raleigh girl is snoring (in her big girl bed)

It has been POURING here the last couple of days!!!  When it rains, it means we stay inside, which means we all get a big case of cabin fever!!!!  Today we just needed to get outside, so we went and played in the rain.  Of course, we needed to wear our cute raincoats and rain boots to play in the rain.  Here are some pics of cute and sassy Ra Ra.  On a side note, Raleigh is officially in a big girl bed...more pictures to come of that later!!

Check out that monkey!!!

What a cute little girl!!