Sunday, January 13, 2008

Have you met the latest model?

Meet Titus Ivy.  Model extraordinaire...for dogs of course.  He helped Clint show his progress of putting in grass with style.
The backyard with a little bit of grass in.
Titus modeling all of the grass that is ready to be put in.
Here is the backyard before grass.
After 12 hours of hard work, Clint finally finished!  All that work just for grass.  I hope it survives the winter and makes it.  

Takin' it back to Thanksgiving

That's right.  We are going all the way back to Thanksgiving to catch you up with what has been going on in our lives. Well, for Thanksgiving Clint and I decided to take our own vacation.  We needed a breather from crazy life!  The day after we moved to the Woodlands,  we both went to work at our new jobs.  So, it was very nice to be able to get away, turn off our cell phones, and just be us and be together.  So fun!  Our choice of places to go?  We chose Galveston...there is really no reason why we chose the location, but it was awesome.  We love the San Luis Resort! This is definitely a vacation repeater place.  The pics are soon to come!