Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A little bit ambitious....

Ok, so maybe we jumped the gun just a little bit.  The other day we were up in the game room and Raleigh was feeling no love for being in her swing.  There is also her bouncy chair toy...that is waiting in the game room for her to grow into.  We had a feeling that she wouldn't fit, but we decided to give it a whirl.  She was not even close to fitting, (which was quite funny) but she loved it!!  It may have to wait a while, but it looks like we have a toy that she is going to love. 
Look at her legs and her arm hanging funny!

The many faces of Raleigh

Since the beginning, Raleigh has shown many emotions.  Some might call her a "drama queen."  She has begun to smile, talk, laugh and coo.  She also is very good at sticking out her bottom lip and pouting.  Recently, we went in for her 2 month doctor's appointment, and we saw many of Raleigh's faces in a short amount of time.  I had finished feeding her and she and I were sitting waiting for the nurse to come in a give her 5 shots.  She was smiling and talking to me 
and the nurse.  The nurse began to give her shots...and her face quickly changed.  It was really hard to watch Raleigh turn that shade of purplish-red and scream, but it was over soon.  To the nurse's defense, she worked very quickly and did a great job.  To Raleigh's defense, as soon as the shots were over and I was able to pick her up, she stopped crying and she was asleep by the time I got her to the car.  In the pictures you can see how her precious legs were covered in band-aids and how extremely tired she was (with a little bit of help from a friend named tylenol).  It was a dramatic day for our sweet "drama queen."