Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Much love for the Chipmunks!!

Raleigh and I have been driving back and forth from Houston to Dallas on the weekends.  We have been in the car so much, it is making us crazy!!  The chipmunks have been our saving grace...I know it sounds weird, but I will explain.  Ever since Raleigh  turned to face forward in her car seat, she has not been that great of a sleeper and gets restless pretty easy.  To try to help remedy that, we have been playing movies pretty much non stop in the car on our weekend road trips.  I was starting to be convinced that I had no life when I could quote all of the lines from our Olivia movies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I decided to make a change.  I put in the beloved chipmunks.  Not only does Raleigh think that they are hilarious, but she has a great time dancing along. Thank you chipmunks for helping us out!!   So of course I now have the lines of that movie memorized, but they are a little bit wittier!  Now I just need to see the movie!  ha!