Monday, June 12, 2006

We own a what?

Ok, so about a year ago, we decided to buy a home. Since Clint is cheap and I have watched one to many home improvement shows, we decided to buy a home that we could fix up. Searching for a home is not easy, especially in Graham Texas! We finally found one that met both of our needs. With a big vision and a light wallet, we bought our first home! From the moment we have bought our cute little house, we have been working like mad to get things up to par....and we are not near finished. There are still plans for new furniture, a new fence, a basketball court, garage, etc... We may never finish! You can check out some before and after pics at this website.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Say hello to my friend named Carlos

Clint and I went to Honduras this spring. It was amazing!! Our church took a group of about 18. We spent the first part running a youth camp (where I got to meet Carlos) and the second part of the trip we went up to mountain villages of 6 pastors that are training with the missionary that is there. In the mountain villages we painted schools, ran a day of VBS, and showed a movie for the townspeople. Everything went wonderful!! Clint is now known as the great white chicken...he played a chicken in a skit at the youth camp and by the time we got up to the villages, they had heard of the legendary great white chicken. I also got to meet a little boy named Carlos who taught us all about the simplicity of life. We made great contacts and are excited about going back in the future. PS-the coffee there is fabulous...check out our pictures on our shutterfly website which is:

I would like to introduce Titus

I would like to introduce our cute little puppy named Titus. He is a minature sheltie...or a tiny Lassie. He spends most of his days sleeping, eating food and keeping it real. Titus is 1 year old. If anyone would like to buy him... we would be willing to swap him even for the remainder of Clint's student loans.

We Promise To Never Do It Again!

Ok, first of all we would like to send the biggest apology to everyone. WE ARE SORRY!!! Now after getting that out of the way, let me give you our excuses. Over the past 2 years we have moved 4 times, bought a new house, bought a cute little dog, run a youth camp in a different country, remodeled a home (which we will never finish), started seminary, went througha youth training program, started a youth program and worked several interesting jobs along the way. We know that this doesn't change how we totally stink at staying in contact with everyone. We promise we still love everyone.

Thursday, February 09, 2006