Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Ellie!!

On Tuesday we made a quick trip to College Station to celebrate Ellie Mariana Rice's birthday!!!  She is so beautiful and quite a good little baby.  I am not sure where she got her dark hair, but she is so cute!!  The oddest thing happened when I was holding Ellie....Raleigh was totally still and when I started to hold Ellie, she went crazy inside.  While Raleigh was going nuts, Ellie opened her eyes very wide and got a little wiggly herself.  I guess the cousins were meeting for the first time and didn't even know it.  We can't wait for the baby cousins to get a chance to spend time together.  Congratulations Matthew and Carrie!!
My brother Matthew holding baby Ellie
Big brother Mason showing that holding a baby is serious business.
Precious girl!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This week in the life of Raleigh...

This is what is going on in the life of Raleigh this week:Hair today, gone tomorrow? Your baby develops two kinds of hair in utero--the soft, downy body hair called lanugo, which generally falls off before or shortly after birth, and the hair on her head. Many parents are surprised (to say the least) to see their baby's hair at birth--blond couples often have black-haired offspring, dark ones are just as likely to deliver a little blond or redhead, and parents who have tight, wiry curls often produce babies with soft, loose ones. The bottom line seems to be that birth hair--or lack thereof--bears little resemblance to your child's "real" hair. The birth hair generally falls out by the time the baby is 6 months old, to be replaced by a more logical set of tresses.  Raleigh is about the size of a 1lb. bag of coffee beans....

Gospel Lakes!!!

Clint and some kiddos went to Gospel Lakes on Saturday.  Gospel Lakes is an intercity daycamp.  I was in a workshop learning how to give kids an "evil eye".....seriously, that was what the whole workshop was about.  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What we look like at 21 weeks

This is what Raleigh and I look like at 21 weeks (  a little over 5 months)...growing, growing, growing!!! 

Up dating of the rooms part 2

We finished the guest bathroom.  It connects to the guest bedroom and Raleigh's room (which was once the office).  We tried to make it match the same color scheme to the guest bedroom, but add a little touch of girly to it.  Check out the pictures below....
Cute, huh??
Polka dot fun!

Up dating of the rooms part 1

We have decided to redo a couple of rooms before Raleigh comes.  I know, we haven't even lived in this house a year, but we wanted to make a couple of changes.  The first thing we changed was Daniel's room (the guest bedroom that was occupied by the college pastor Daniel for a while).  We have made it into a guest bedroom.  I feel like it turned out pretty nice....thanks to Keenan and Anne for the bed.  Check out the pictures below...
The new bedding, bed, and side table.
Curtains and wall.
The other wall

The Difference a mm can make!!

Well, Raleigh is already costing us money.  I went to the dentist the other day to fill 5 cavities and get 2 sealents.  I know, 5 cavities seems like a lot, but I am the family member that seems to have mouth problems.  I went to the dentist and 1 of my teeth has extra nerves in it and if the cavity would have grown a mm more, I would have had to have a root canal.  That's right, a ROOT CANAL!!  Yikes, Yikes, Yikes, I have never been so thankful for 1 mm in all of my life.  The sweet dentist seems to think that my cavities got so bad so quickly because of all of the glorious throwing up that I did (up to last week).  This may be way to much information, but today's lesson is: be thankful for the little things.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bear Grylls has some competition!!

Good gracious....Ike beat the tar out of us.  I would like to say that I am a great survivor, but the truth is, I am a huge baby.  My doctor warned me that funny things could happen to my body while the hurricane was doing its' thing.  Boy did it ever!!!  The baby did some crazy stuff when the hurricane hit.  My stomach was going nuts, it was almost like muscle spasms...weird huh? The whole time I kept thinking that Bear Grylls could live without air conditioning, power, and eat weird foods....and so could I!! (thanks to my husband's influence of TV watching) Not so much!!  I lasted maybe two days and was out of there!  Clint stayed cause Fellowship of the Woodlands was a pod station...and because he and Bear Grylls could live on nothing.   Much respect and props go to out Bear Grylls, Clint could be taking over your show soon!!

Survey says....

We went and had the 3D ultrasound the other day.  Thankfully, everything looks great and healthy.  It was one of the neatest experiences of our lives.  We watched and saw as our baby did flips and turns, scratched its nose, sucked on its thumb, and kicked its legs.  Unbelievable!!  The technician said that the baby was extremely active.  We wanted to stay and watch the video all day (now I can see why Tom Cruise bought one of those machines for his house).   After looking at many different angles...the survey says....IT'S A GIRL!!!!  We are surprised, but so thrilled.  Clint was convinced it was a boy.  Our doctor was convinced it was a boy.  I held strong to the feelings that it was a girl, and for once, I was right.  We have decided to name her Raleigh Lorea Ivy.  The Lorea is after my grandmother (my mom's mom) and we picked Raleigh because it is different.  The due date is still the same.  Get ready world, cause here comes Raleigh Lorea Ivy!!

Keeping the Firemen away...

We got a new washer and dryer!!!  So exciting!!!  These things are awesome!!!  We got a great deal at sears and recieved extra off because of hurricane Ike.  Our old dryer did not shut off and had become a fire hazard... we didn't want the firemen to come to our house any time soon.  I haven't washed anything in it yet, but today might just be the day.  Clint and I have a bet of how many towels can fit into the washer.  I say 26, he says 23.  Time will only tell...I think I am right.....maybe....

Do Firemen Practice?

Totally random, the other day I hear all this noise across the street.  This is what I saw... What in the world??  We live near a fire station, so I guess they were practicing.  I had never thought about fireman practicing how to shoot water.  Things that make you go hmmm......