Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are alive!!

For those of you who have stopped checking our blogspot, I totally understand.  To squelch all of the rumors out there...we have not joined the witness protection program, life has been super crazy.  Since our last post we have: sold a house, bought a new house, been to the emergency room and hospital 3 times, decorated a new house, built a massive deck, quit a teaching job, started a new job, and slept a couple of hours here and there.  We love our new house and can't wait to have more of you guys over.  We are alive and apologize for the lack of information on our part, but we are ready and have a little bit more time to communicate now!
Check out what our new house looks like!  We would love to give you our new address, but don't really want to post feel free to text our email us!