Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dallas Weekend and Wedding

This weekend we made a super quick trip to Dallas to see all of the great grandparents(Raleigh's first time) and to go to a family friend's wedding.  It was such a blast to see how excited Clint's grandparents (gran gran and granny) were to see Raleigh for the first time.  She took to them quite well and enjoyed spending time with them.  Although we live only about 3-4 hours away from most of Clint's family, it is very hard to get away and go see them.  While I have been on maternity leave, we have a little bit more freedom in our schedule to be able to go and see family.  We also went to a wedding while we were in Dallas.  It was quite interesting...too say the least.  We sat in the back just in case Raleigh decided to be a little noisy...which she was very well behaved.  There was also another couple with two children that sat behind us.  As the bride was entering from the back, the mother of the family behind us decided to go ahead and feed her infant.  Let's just say, that she didn't feed the baby with a bottle, and we got to see more of her than I am even comfortable talking about!  This weekend was one for the record books.  First time Raleigh met her great grandparents and the first time we saw a (partially) naked lady at a wedding.

Happy Easter!

This was Raleigh's first Easter and she, of course, was dressed very cute!  Clint had a bazillion services at Fellowship, so RaRa and I went to church with my mom, dad and Aunt Natalie.  I have decided that it doesn't really matter if I wear a brown paper bag over my head, as long as Raleigh looks cute, we are good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Houdini

Watch out folks, we might have a magician on our hands..known as baby Houdini!  If you are scratching your head wondering what in the world I am talking about, believe me, we have been scratching our heads a lot lately.  Recently, we have seen Raleigh break out of the tightest swaddling and shimmy across her bed on her back after getting out of her "wedge."  We took all of these incidents in stride assuming we have an active baby, (if have you met Clint...this would not be a surprise) until the other day.  We came home from an errand and brought RaRa inside in her car seat.  When we went to get her out, we were at a loss for words.  She had managed to push the button to the harness on her car seat and get half of her body out.  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!? She doesn't have the motor skills to be able to do this.  We may never find out world, here comes baby Houdini!

The most important people in my life

I love these two people!!  They are the source of encouragement, love, admiration, and companionship.  They are of course my family.  I can't imagine a day without these two!!

Big Brother

Many people have asked us how well Titus has adjusted to life with Raleigh.  For the most part, he has done pretty well not being the center of attention anymore.  There have been some things he has done that are just kind of weird.  For example, he would normally never eat anything in the house (unless it is chocolate), but lately he has eaten Raleigh's colic medicine and a WHOLE tube of lanolin.  It doesn't seem too bad...but for days we have had a dog who looks like he belongs in the movie Grease and doesn't have a problem getting rid of gas bubbles. He has also started hiding under Raleigh's bed whenever we are in her room....some may call it adjustments, I personally think it is a little bit quirky.  We love sweet Titus and would miss him in our lives....weird quirks and all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

We had a great time over spring break.  We got a chance to see lots of family...most of which Raleigh met for the first time!  She met her namesake Eva Lorea Schaffner (my mom's mom), as well as her other grandparents.  Towards the end of the week Clint's brother and family came in.  We had a great time with them as well.  We are definitely looking forward to things slowing down a bit.
Logan was so pumped to hold Raleigh.
Karly was such a sweet helper with her baby cousin!
Raleigh and her namesake find it hard to keep their eyes awake!
Grandpa Schaffner and Raleigh