Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Sillies

We have always been told that our Raleigh girl is very verbal.  Can you imagine trying to get a word in with who she lives with?!   She would either have to be very verbal or silent.  Ha!  Lately she has done and said some pretty funny things.  Here are just a few from this week:

  • Two of her recent sayings have been "oh my goodness," and "holy cow."  Who knows where this stuff comes from.  The other day she got so excited that she said, "oh my cow!!"
  • Raleigh has been working on her pouting and dramatic skills lately.  The other day she kept exhaling very loudly and then would say, "It's all my fault."  What in the world???.
  • She is not a very big bread lover, which is very odd considering our family :)  We were trying to convince her just to give it a try because it was fantastic.  She tried the bread and agreed, but what is bread now officially called in our house?  Fantastic, of course!
  • Anytime we are in our bathroom getting ready, Raleigh wants to be with us exploring things.  The other day Clint was finishing getting ready and Raleigh was with him.  She came out of the bathroom very excited and proud telling me of the beautiful sticker she had found.  It was none other than a panty liner!!  Clint thought it was hilarious and I was a little bit horrified.

Sick, Sick, Sick!!

Seriously, who gets sick in the month of June??   During the summer I always thought you had to be careful of things like sunburn, bad mosquito bites, and heat rash.  Not such the case in our house lately.  We have honestly had almost everything you could possibly imagine.  Everything from double ear infections to bronchitis, to sinus infections, to pneumonia, pink eye and so much more.  So crazy!!  I know that summer tends to be crazy for our family from all of the travel, missing daddy, and extra stress, but I guess we need to do a little bit better job taking care of ourselves.  Our family keeps telling us that we need to rest.  We try, I promise, but I guess it is the price we pay when we jump from trip to trip and try to function on the same amount of sleep that teenagers need!!  No need to worry, the Ivy family is back on the  mend and back on the road again!!