Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Angel

Last week at Mother's Day Out we had our Christmas Program.  Raleigh and all of the babies were angels.  She made it out on the stage before she started crying, along with all of the other babies.  I teach the Pre-K program, so I was trying to direct my kids who were singing and not make eye contact with Raleigh, so she wouldn't cry.  I was just fooling myself.  Raleigh was crying, the wise men had their crowns over their eyes...pure chaos!  So, I let the wise men do their thing, and held my crying angel for the rest of the time.

Once she was held she began to smile at the audience and was totally fine.

Our sweet little Angel!

The 120 dollar mistake

We did something very stupid last week.  Let me change that, I did something very stupid last week.  Raleigh was getting a little bit fussy, so we decided to go for a walk.  It is quite the preparation to get everything ready. You need to make sure that you have the following: jogging stroller, stroller toys, blanket  just in case it gets cold, garage door opener, Titus, cell phones, Titus' leash, Raleigh, and of course the most important thing....KEYS!!  Normally, the OCD person that I am, has 20 different ways to get into our house and stashes of keys in different places for the "just in case" moments. Well, I locked the keys in the house...mistake #1.  I locked the keys in the house before we had put the cell phones in the stroller...mistake#2.  Because we have just recently moved into this house (and I am trying to be more relaxed about things) we haven't organized the garage.  So when we went to get all of the hidden keys, they belonged to our old house!...mistake #3.  We ended up going next door and spending some quality time with our neighbor while we waited for a locksmith.  She is awesome...even down to her false eyelashes!  It took the locksmith about 15 seconds to get into our house.  The whole time he told Clint how many different ways he could break into our house and how no one would know (thank goodness for the alarm!).  Then he asked for 120 dollars in cash and suggested we keep a spare key somewhere in our garage!  Are you kidding me?!?  On the bright side, we got to really visit with our neighbors, but sadly it cost us money to do it.


I know, I know, we should be talking about Christmas not about Thanksgiving....but that is the last place that we left off.  Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We saw ALL of our family!!  It was pretty crazy traveling everywhere, but Raleigh is an awesome car companion.

Here Raleigh is hanging out with her cousin Karly and Grammy.

There are always big smiles with Uncle Keenan around!

Playing in her cousins' new playground...yes she is wearing a RUN DMC onesie!

Hanging out with Logan and Kar.

Having a great time with Mamaw and Pop...looks can be deceiving at times!