Friday, August 05, 2011

A week in our life- Friday

Fridays are Clint's day off...well, sort of.  It all just depends on what he has going on and if he needs to go into the office or not.  Most of the time we get to spend parts of Friday as a family.  He gets up early and goes to Friday morning men's Bible study and usually gets home around 8:30 or 9:00ish.  Today we are starting on the process of clearing out the baby room by cleaning the garage.  I know it seems a little bit odd to start in the garage, but we have to clean and organize the garage so that we can have a place to put the extra furniture from the guest bedroom/new baby room.  We all got dressed and got to work!!  Right now in our part of Texas it is HOT and has been hot for a I know it seems a little bit crazy to clean out a garage, but we are under the gun to get this done before we add another member to our family.  We worked hard and sweated lots and lots, but we got it done!!  Raleigh spent most of the time in "Ruby" her red car.  She kept getting in and telling us where she was going and then saying, "OK...see you later homie!!"  What in the world??  So funny.  I bet you could never guess that she got that from her dad!  Ha!!  It seriously makes my heart happy now to have space to walk into the garage and see it so organized.  After sweating a TON, we came inside to shower and eat lunch.  After that everyone took a nap...we were seriously zapped by the heat.  We then got ready to go to Justin and Sarah's wedding.  Justin used to be on the Student Ministry staff and we were very excited to go to their wedding.  When we asked Raleigh if she wanted to go or get a babysitter her comment was, "I need to go see apple get married." (she nicknamed Justin apple...we still are not very sure why she named him that)  So the three of us met up with another car load of our sweet friends and headed to the wedding.  We stopped for dinner before and Raleigh requested broccoli and chicken after eating half of my salad...seriously we are so thankful that she eats so well, but what kids begs for broccoli??  At the reception, my pregnant feet in heels were starting to swell, so we decided that it was time to go, but Raleigh needed to talk to apple.  She told him that he looked very handsome and that she liked his hair!!  Ha!!  Such a sweet girl!  What a busy and fun Friday it has been!

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