Wednesday, May 26, 2010

15 Month Check Up

Our sweet girl is growing up so fast!!  Today we went to see our favorite doctor for Ra Ra's 15 month check up.
Here are her stats:
Head: 18  (65%)
Height: 32 3/4 inches (92% )
Weight: 22 pounds 4 ounces (45%)

Her sweet doctor said she was on her way to being long and lean...that is so funny to me because she doesn't appear that way at all!!  I guess looks are deceiving!!  We ended our visit by getting several shots...she did a great job of recovering...she even blew kisses to the nurse!!  We are so blessed to have a happy and healthy girl!!   

A Contagious Laugh

Last weekend we were in Austin watching Aunt NaNa graduate ( a detailed post to come later).  We ate at a really neat restaurant on Saturday where they had a playground and lots of other fun stuff to do outside.  Here is a video of Raleigh delirious from not taking a morning nap and delirious from having so much fun!!

Soccer Girl

Raleigh has decided recently that she LOVES soccer!!!  She loves to kick the soccer ball all around the room.  While kicking the ball, she will stop and wait for you to applaud loudly!!  It is pretty funny to watch!!

Playing dress up

The other day I was putting up clothes in Raleigh's room and she decided it was time play dress up.  We had so much fun being silly!!

RaRa showing you her lovely sunglasses that Mimi and Duck gave her.

A little bit star struck by the camera!!

Looking good!!

I know you are wondering... yes she is wearing st. patrick's day pajamas.  Did I mention that I was doing laundry?

Pretty girl!!

The Beaumont Gusher

Almost a month ago Clint and I ran in a half marathon.  After several attempts and failures at training for a half marathon, we finally did it!  One of our set backs was when Clint had to have surgery and we had to change the half marathon location...which led us to run in the first annual Beaumont Gusher (I promise you that is what they called it).  I had hurt my foot pretty badly a week before we were supposed to run, but I was not going to let this training go on our failure list.  We were going to run if Clint had to drag me behind him!  The race was not bad.  It was actually quite interesting to see all of the different people that were there.  If you know me, you know that I am not a big talker while I run.  This race I talked a little bit more, but it was comments like, "my foot hurts so bad, I think I need to stop."  Clint was such an encourager and hung with me.  There was no way I could have done that without him.  Who knew that running could teach you so much about you and your marriage?!?  We have decided that this is the first of many half marathons for our family.  One random thing that did happen is that we somehow got lost and ran two extra miles!!!

So glad that we finished the race...even the extra 2 miles!!

Even with special running socks, my feet were not saved from huge, nasty blisters!!
I hope this does not induce vomiting!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Easter was a little bit crazy for us!!  Raleigh and I went to see her great grandparents in Yoakum while her daddy stayed in Houston to do all of the Easter services.  She was very excited to get a new outfit from her Mimi and Pop.  We had to buy her several Easter presents because she kept finding the ones we had bought hidden in our closet!!  It was a great weekend.  She did participate in the Easter egg hunt at church,  (she really didn't care about the eggs) but just wanted to run around in the field among all of the kids and carry her bunny basket.

Raleigh having a good time swinging at Grandma's house

A Trip to the Zoo

On Raleigh's birthday, we wanted to do something to celebrate on her special day.  We had already been to the aquarium, so we decided to go to the zoo.  She had just started making lots of animal noises and recognizing them (besides pigs), so we were off to see the animals!  That day I woke up not feeling so great, but was determined to get to the zoo and have a great time.  We had a fabulous time seeing all of the animals. Raleigh LOVED the elephants...she watched them with awe.  She also was excited to see the cheetahs.  She actually said when the cheetah walked by her version of the word cheetos, which is "cheet."  Funny!  Promise we don't give her cheetos all the time, but when we do she is a happy camper.  As the day progressed, I still wasn't feeling good.  Clint decided to take Raleigh to the monkey house and I was going to sit and rest on the benches for a while.  That's when it hit me.  I have no idea what the "it" was, but before I knew it I was throwing up in the bushes in front of everyone.  That's right.  The last time I had thrown up in public like that was when I was pregnant....which made me panic (don't freak out, I AM NOT PREGNANT!!).  Shortly after the embarrassing incident, we made our way to the exit of the zoo.  Overall is was quite the memorable day.

Raleigh ready to see the animals!

RaRa and daddy looking at all the pretty fish (one of Raleigh's favorite words to say).

Looking very close at the Cheetah

RaRa and daddy checking out more cute!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Party Time!!

For Raleigh's birthday we were going to have just family and a few friends over ( after all, she was just turning one).  As the party got closer, the list began to grow.  There ended up being quite a few people here, but we had so much fun!!  Olivia the pig was the theme (hence our love for pigs).  Raleigh got to spend time with her friends and family.  It was such a great day!  

Relaxing with Pappy the morning of the Birthday Party.

Some of the favors that Raleigh gave away.


Raleigh's Birthday cake that Clint and I made...looks pretty tasty huh!?!

Our sweet family.

Raleigh ate her cake like such a little lady...she finally got her hands a little bit dirty, but made sure she didn't get any on her tutu!

The treats and favors table.

Happy Birthday Raleigh!!

Our sweet and precious girl, you blessed our world a little bit over a year ago.  We had no idea how much we would love you.  You have such a personality already.  You have never met a stranger and can smile your way out of trouble in most situations.  You are completely head over heels in love with your daddy.  You get excited when he comes home and so sad when he leaves.  You love being outside and being silly with Titus.  You still think you are a teenager, but have become o.k. playing with the "little kids." Your laughter is contagious, your love for pigs is indescribable, and your need to carry around mommy's purse (even though it is too heavy for you) is funny.  We love you sweet girl and Happy Birthday!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Brace Yourselves....

That's right, brace yourselves.  I know, I know that I am the world's worst about being consistent with updating this thing, but you better watch out.  We have lots of memories, fun times and excitement coming your way might want to take a nap, actually, you probably should take a nap.  In the next few days you are going to be updated about everything going on in our lives.  Forget the fact that Raleigh's birthday was in February and we are just now posting.  Get excited and go take that nap!