Saturday, February 09, 2008

2007 In Review

This past year has been a wild and crazy one, but here are some major things that happened.
  • We moved to the Woodlands.
  • We sold our house (in an hour and  1/2!) in Graham.
  • We said goodbye to some of our best friends.
  • Titus seta new record in the amount of naps taken in a year.
  • Both started new jobs.  Clint loves his and the verdict is still out on Lauren's.
  • We lived in an apartment... again, and vowed to never live in an apartment again after this time.
  • Clint bought a motorcycle.
  • Clint broke his finger, but no surgery!
  • We had twins... not really, just checking to see if you are really reading.
  • Moved into a brand new home.
Even though this year has been very eventful, when we sit back and look at how the Lord's hand is working in our lives, we can't help but be thankful and blessed.

We tap out!

I never thought I would be able to apply anything to my life from UFC, ( I only watch it so Clint has to watch TLC with me) until now.  As far as the house is concerned, we are in an arm bar ( I don't know what that really is, I just hear the commentators say it all the time) and have officially tapped out.  Sure, there are other things that need to get done, but not right now.  After painting, hanging all new fixtures and decorating...we are done for a while.  We are taking a break and enjoying the house.  So friends.... You are officially to come over whenever you want to hang out!  Below are some pictures of the inside of the house (minus a bathroom).  Check em out!

House pics

Do what daddy says..

One thing that my dad used to tell his athletes when they would score a touchdown was, "act like you have done this before."  That was the advice that we relied on when we attended all of the swanky Christmas parties that we needed to attend.  I kept saying that to myself as we attended party after party, but I just couldn't when we went to the pastor and pastor's wives party.  When we drove to the gate to enter and the guard said, "The party is at the only house with snow on the front lawn."  Say what?  I knew we were in for an interesting night.  When we where in the house and the owners said to feel free and look around the house, I completely lost my cool factor.  There was no way I could have acted like I had done this before, so I remained shocked with my mouth open as I walked through the entire house saying things like, "no way," "this is unbelievable!" and  "do you think we can get one of these?"  All the amazing things aside, we were truly blessed by their generosity and getting to spend a night with the staff and their wives.  It was a fun evening and a eventful Christmas full of parties that we will remember for a while.

Pictures from Thanksgiving Trip!