Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Sillies

Since our little chatter box has begun to make sentences that you can understand instead of alien talk, we wanted to document some of the rather silly things that she says/does.  We want to be able to remember the details in the daily memories with our sweet girl.

One of Raleigh's favorite new toys is Wiggles the worm (I think you may have seen a picture in an earlier post).  The other night when we were having a picnic on the floor, Raleigh felt it was very important to go and give Wiggles a visit.  She then pretended to feed him some of her food, patted him on the head, and told him, "No problem, Merry Christmas Wiggles."
We have started to try to encourage Raleigh to tell us when she needs a diaper change.  The other day I asked her if she needed a diaper change, she then quickly replied, "No thanks."  I asked her again if she needed a diaper change (The whole neighborhood could smell that she needed a new diaper) or if she was lying.  She looked at me somewhat puzzled and then...roared!!  Then she said, "Yes mommy, I Lion!!"
Poor Titus!!  He puts up with so much lately from Raleigh.  She feels that she has the total right to boss him around and that he must listen to her.  Since putting her swing set up, she likes to tell him to sit, makes him stay, and tells him to watch her slide.  It is a pretty funny sight seeing a dog listen to a one year old.  Like I said, poor Titus!!
We are trying to limit our "love" given to piggy by keeping him in the bed just for naptime.  So far, we have been pretty successful (except for school days).  The other day when we were on a walk, Raleigh began to ask for piggy.  We began to explain that he was doing "piggy things" and that he would be waiting for her when it was time to take a nap.  She then looked at us very seriously and asked, "Is piggy swimming?"  We were a little bit caught off guard, so we replied a hesitant "Sure."  She then asked further, "And is piggy playing with Frostie?"  I guess "piggy things" could include playing with Frosty the Snowman and swimming???

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Raleigh's famous twin

Today before taking her nap, Raleigh decided to take her "dog ears" out to get cozy (as she would say).  When she woke up from her nap, she began to resemble someone famous.  Who is that famous twin you ask???  None other than Ace Ventura Pet Detective.  It may seem like a stretch to some, but her crazy hair has made us laugh so much lately.  Watch out world, here comes Ace Ventura!!  

PS- yes we are at the dinner table, and yes she does have Cheetos on her face!!


Around here things have been a little bit hairtastic (I totally made that word up).  We have been waiting for Raleigh's hair to grow.  I just want to be able to do something with it instead of the side swept bow.  We have watched in envy as many of her friends sport their cute ponytails and pig tails.  Yesterday we tried putting her hair up for the first time in a long time.  She wasn't a big fan until she could put two bows in her hair....then she suddenly became a model.  We have definitely entered the phase of the "dog ears."  Yippee!!!  We are so pumped.

This is the look of "what do you need Mommy?"

Her model face.  Ha!

Donuts with Dads

Recently at school, Raleigh had a special event....Donuts with Dads!!  Having donuts with her favorite person in the world was the perfect start to her day.  They had a great time.  The kids and teachers were supposed to wear ties as a tribute to their dads.  Our fashionista decided that she wanted nothing to do with the tie.  It wasn't cute.  Even with the sparkly shoes and sparkly headband we wanted nothing to do with the tie.

If you look close you can barely see her tie.  Something totally worth being upset over.  That girl!!! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas in Houston

After all of our Christmas festivities were completed in Dallas, we headed to Houston to see my side of the family.  It was insane (for lack of better words)!!!  We had so much fun seeing our family, especially the great grandparents.  Raleigh had the best time hanging out with Ellie and Mason and holding cute baby Mollie (just one time).  This was the first Christmas at Mimi and Pop's new house, luckily no one fell in the pool or got their head stuck in the stairwell, so it was a success!!  Since moving to Dallas, we don't get a chance to see my side of the family as much, so this was much needed family time.  Raleigh can't wait to see everyone again.

Raleigh opening presents in her pj's.

 So excited to get her own grocery cart with groceries!!

 The newest addition to the family (Matthew and Carrie's).  Meet Mollie Sue.  It looks as though she is loving Aunt NaNa's signature lovie gift.

 We had to immediately read one of her new books from Mimi and Pop.

 Aunt NaNa and J.B. got a quick hug for the Mickey Mouse movie....who looks like they need a nap in this picture??

So excited about her shape puzzle!!  Her new favorite shape is the triangle.  Some days, we will only eat food that is in the shape of triangles.

 Mimi opening presents and multitasking....yes, that is a sleeping baby on her lap!!

 The girls opening their big presents together....

 The boys enjoyed playing with one of Mason's presents.  Ha!!

The girls eating breakfast together at their table.  There was a little dispute over who got what color chair, but after we got over that, it was all smiles!! 

Raleigh and Mason "just hanging out." 

Raleigh somehow convinced everyone to push her around in "Ruby" the red car....even her great grandfather papaw!!

Merry Christmas!!

I know this seems a little bit odd at this time of the year to say, but Merry Christmas!!!  I know Christmas and the New Year season have come and gone, and you have yet to see pictures of our family.  I would apologize, but it seems if you read our blog, you have gotten used to our delayed updates.  I do want to apologize that we didn't send out Christmas cards this year.  It honestly made me so sad.  We moved at the beginning of December, and with all of the Christmas craziness, it just didn't happen.  Amidst all of the  parties and boxes (we are just now finishing unpacking), we had a wonderful Christmas.  Sadly, we didn't have time to get our tree up (you know that I am an all or nothing kind of girl), but fortunately Raleigh didn't seem to mind.  The girl was totally focused on her presents!  Ha!

Raleigh opening her "less exciting" presents...clothes.

Sparkly shoes....a little bit more exciting.

She loved playing with her Elefun game (you can see the post of the video of her screaming).  We haven't quite got the concept of her catching the butterflies yet, but she loves to wave her net and scream!!!

She played aka screamed so hard playing her new favorite game, that she need a rest.  Ha!!

Meet Mr. Wiggles the worm.  The best way to ride him you ask??  With 3D glasses of course!!!