Thursday, August 04, 2011

A week in our life- Thursday

This morning Clint and I both got up and went for a run (at separate times of course).  I know people think that I am crazy to still try and run this far along in my pregnancy, especially since I hadn't really done anything since our summer sickness, but honestly, when I run lately it is one of the few times that my body doesn't hurt.  I know it sounds bizarre, but it is how I feel.  After getting ready for the day, Clint left for work and Raleigh and I were going to try to get a few things done.  We worked on the laundry (it seems like it is a never ending process), played outside and had several concerts inside :)  When she took a nap, I worked on some shower stuff/computer stuff.  That evening Clint got home a little early from work because I had to go to a meeting at 6 pm.  Raleigh was so excited to spend the evening with her favorite captive audience-her daddy!  I got home to a house where everyone was asleep!!  Raleigh was in bed, Clint was asleep on the couch, and Titus was asleep on one of the chairs!!!  How Clint can fall asleep while watching shark week without having nightmares, I will never know.  We watched a little more shark week and then quickly went to bed and called it a night.

Here is a quick video of one of Raleigh's concerts from the day.  Sorry it is sideways....I don't know what I was thinking when I shot this!

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