Friday, September 16, 2011

The Lake

At the beginning of August, Clint took off a little bit, so that our family could spend some time together.  By the end of the summer this becomes a coveted thing because it seems that we are all never in the same place at the same time for months!  As crazy as it may seem, when choosing a place to go, we make the selection based on cell phone reception.  That's right...cell phone reception.  Basically, if Clint can't get phone reception, it is a little bit easier to press the pause button on life for a moment.  So, we went out to the lake for a couple of days.  So fun!!  We relaxed, ate, slept, fed catfish, watched movies, and had so much fun.

 Daddy and Raleigh sitting on the dock getting ready to feed the fish.

 Watching the giant catfish snack on their breakfast!!

 Ready to rock and roll!!!  Lately we have been smiling so big our eyes tend to shut!  Ha!

 This girl is so brave with her dad by her side.  She loved driving "her" jet ski in lots of circles.

 What cute lake bums!!

 Mommy and Raleigh...check out that cute pregnancy bathing suit, I know you are jealous!!

 Of course we had to do some baking...testing the batter is a must!

 What cute little helping hands!!

 Raleigh's choice for cookies...dinosaurs, bunnies, snowmen, and circles of course!!

 We painted our nails also!!  Raleigh girl picked out everyone's color for their nails.

 Keeping a careful watch on the progress.

 So pretty!

 It was also a must for us to take in the scenery...with a little bit of coloring!

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Yesenia said...

OMG looks like soooo much all the memories you are making with her. tooo sweet!