Friday, May 06, 2011

Easter Egg hunt

This year to start out our Easter celebrations, we had so much fun at our church's family fun day and Easter egg hunt.  We were very curious to see what our little princess would do compared to last year.  Last year she didn't  pick up any eggs, but just ran around and shouted and screamed in excitement.  This year she did fantastic!!  She started picking up eggs by color and quizzing us along the way over our knowledge of colors.  Then, she began picking up eggs like mad when she found out that they were filled with M&M's!!  She had such a fun time.  It was a great start to our Easter celebrations!

Here she is ready to hunt!!!  

All smiles with Daddy

She was seriously distracted by the windmills

Picking up eggs by color.

"Mom, do you know what color this is?  That's right it is yellow."

Trying to get a picture with the avid egg hunter can be difficult. maybe really difficult!!

Searching for more eggs...

Checking out a beautiful blue one.

Finding some hidden in the hay.

Still hunting.

 She was not very amused that we kept trying to take her picture!!

Such a big girl!!

All smiles after a fun time!

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