Thursday, July 16, 2009


Finally the Woodlands has put in a Freebirds.  One would think that a community that was founded by an Aggie would have such an establishment much earlier,  but this month we finally got one.  Of course, we had to go on opening day to show our support and love for the burrito.  There were TONS of people there!!!!  They gave away free burritos for a year to the first 35 people...several people slept in tents days before the opening.  It was pure madness!!  We had a super great time eating lunch with our friends and enjoying past memories of A&M.  If anytime you feel the need for a Freebirds burrito, the Ivy's are there!! 
RaRa wearing her maroon tutu....very tired after stuffing her face with a burrito!

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