Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Day at the Aquarium

On Monday, (Clint's day off) we spent the day at the aquarium.  So fun!!  For several weeks now Clint has been mentioning how he would really like to take Raleigh to the aquarium....I of course, made fun of him with the reasoning that she would be too small to enjoy the aquarium.  I WAS WRONG!!!  She absolutely loved it!!!  She talked to the fish, but got a little bit frustrated when she tried to grab the fish and she couldn't touch them through that silly glass.  We had a great day and can't wait to do it again soon!  
Raleigh drove the whole way to the aquarium...she is a crazy driver!!  Not really.  We were giving her a bottle before we went into the aquarium in hopes of her taking the whole thing and not being looks like our strategy is working well, or not at all.
Don't ask me why there was a white tiger exhibit at an aquarium, but there was!  RaRa loved the tiger and was not afraid of it at all.  You can see how close she got to the tiger and gave it the evil eye.
Daddy and Raleigh together.  Do you see the baby alligator in the background?
Raleigh trying to catch those crazy fish!  She was unsuccessful, due to the glass.
The look of amazement on the faces of both of them...priceless!

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apulling said...

Too cute. I like her fish outfit too!