Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Houdini Strikes Again!!

We don't know how she keeps doing crazy things like this, but it continues to happen.   Many new parents would say, "Our child is so advanced."  We on the other hand would say, "Our child is a sneaky sneak. (don't worry, we do think that she is advanced)."  Raleigh already has a very quiet way of sneaking into the oddest situations.  Take the latest situation for example:
This is the way that Raleigh normally sleeps.  She likes to be cozy.  She sleeps half swaddled in her wedge with two blankets tucked in around her.
This is how we found her the other day after her nap.  During her nap she was silent.  No crying, not a peep.  How does she do this?  What a cute little sneaky sneak!!!

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