Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break

For spring break this year, we made a trip down to Houston to visit my family.  Clint was flying to Brazil for a scouting trip, so anytime I can get an extra set of hands to help with the kids, I am all for it!!
On of the things I wanted to make sure that we did was get Ra's hair cut for the first time.  I wanted Tammy to cut her hair...she cut mine while we lived in Houston, and she is the sweetest thing ever!!

 Here is Raleigh with her hair all brushed back and excited to get her hair cut!!

 She did awesome! Thank you Tammy!!

Clint was in Brazil "roughing it" for his pre-trip.  They stayed on the boats we will stay on when we take High School kids there this summer...I can't wait to go!!

The rest of the week we spent hanging out with Mimi and Pop.  It was good for the kids to spend some quality time with my parents.  They always love being with both sets of their grandparents!!

 Raleigh and Pop taking a ride on the train

This is Raleigh's version of riding horses!!  

Here is a picture of little man...just hanging out, chewing on his toes!!  

We had a great time at my parents house, but I just have to share a story with you.  We were on our way home to Dallas from Houston, which is a pretty far drive, which means you sometimes you have to stop quite a bit with kids.  We were taking a break and Raleigh and I were eating a snack while waiting for Thad to finish his bottle. She noticed that there was a homeless man in the store also who had no food. She went on her own and gave him her French fries. He told her "thank you and God bless you." To that she replied, "you know God like me?? That is awesome!!!" She melts my heart with her ability to read people, but also her intentionality to take care of others.  I pray that she will always keep this quality.

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