Saturday, January 29, 2011

Donuts with Dads

Recently at school, Raleigh had a special event....Donuts with Dads!!  Having donuts with her favorite person in the world was the perfect start to her day.  They had a great time.  The kids and teachers were supposed to wear ties as a tribute to their dads.  Our fashionista decided that she wanted nothing to do with the tie.  It wasn't cute.  Even with the sparkly shoes and sparkly headband we wanted nothing to do with the tie.

If you look close you can barely see her tie.  Something totally worth being upset over.  That girl!!! 


Kerri said...

That first pic of Clint & Raleigh is great! Love your updates!!!

Clint and Lauren said...

Thanks girl!! We miss you guys so much. I wish our girls could grow up together. Hopefully we can see you soon.