Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go Rough Riders!!!

Several weeks ago we went to a Rough Riders baseball game.  It was a blast!!  We went with some friends from church and got to sit in box seats (which was perfect for wild animal Ra Ra).  We stayed most of the game until it was to late for Raleigh and she could no longer be amused by Mr. Jim's iPhone.

Thankfully, our seats were fenced in so Raleigh could roam free.

Sweet girl caught making friends with the people in the box next to us.

Blue eyed girls!

So much fun we can hardly stand it!!!

Meeting our new friend Daisy.  Raleigh managed to avoid a freak out.


Kerri said...

Ha ha! Scott and I laughed about the avoided a freak out comment! Raleigh is so cute, and we miss y'all!

Som Shrestha said...

Really cute and beautiful sweet baby. thank you for being sweet one...