Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Build a Bear

We went on another "Ivy Day" to Build a Bear.  It was a huge success!!  They both had so much fun building their new buddies and need to have them around at all times.  Here are some pics from our fabulous day.  We were a little camera happy..sorry.

 Raleigh picking out her new buddy

Thad's new buddy 

 Raleigh putting the heart in and stuffing her buddy and taking care of brother's as well

 Cleaning and prepping her buddy

 She was a little bit scared of the shower, but pushed through for the sake of her bunny buddy

 Our favorite part...playing dress up!!

 Our special day gets a big two thumbs up!!

Raleigh and her new buddy Daisy the Aggie cheerleader bunny

Thaddaeus and his new buddy Hulk the bear

Two happy kiddos is a day of fun in my book!!  Don't you just want to squeeze them?!?

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