Thursday, February 11, 2010

Light heads and Light switches

Things have been a little bit nutty around here lately.  Raleigh has become obsessed with light switches.  Everyone she sees she has to turn on or off.  After she accomplishes that feat, she expects rejoicing and crazy excitement every time.  Just think about how many light switches you have in your think about turning all of those on and off at least 5 times each a day and getting excited every time...nutty!
Also, Clint had surgery about two weeks ago.  He had a massive hernia where his intestines were coming out...yuck!  Clint has had lots of surgery and seems to love anestesia.  The doctors always give him way too much and it takes him forever to wake up and he says the craziest things!  Here are some of our top favorites from this surgery:

  • "You know, I have been thinking about Lil Kim.  I wonder how she is doing.  I hope that she has kept the weight off that she lost on dancing with the stars."
  • "I am not really hungry, but you know what I could go for ?....a candy cane!"
  • "It's a good thing that the job with the CIA didn't go through, if you put a little bit of medicine in me I would tell anybody anything!"
  • "I am glad that I cleaned out all of my t-shirts, because I am going to get a awesome one when I run the marathon in Scottsdale, AZ."
  • "Lauren, I think you should call star staffers( a temp agency) to look for a part time job." When I asked him what he was talking about because I already had a part time job his response was, " Oh, I didn't mean for you, I mean, you never know when you need some weeds pulled."
Needless to say, with one person in your house saying crazy things and the other just wanting to turn the lights off, things have been a little bit nuts!

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Nick, Krista, and Carson said...

This is hilarious Lauren! I mean hilarious! I hope you three are getting back to some sense of normalcy! :) Hope to see you soon!