Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Well, we survived through all of the crazy Christmas services and finally had a day to spend with just our family.  Since this is Raleigh's first Christmas, we decided to start making some Ivy family traditions of our own.  One of the traditions we started was making a birthday cake for Jesus (this year it was cupcakes!) and singing happy birthday.  I know to some it may sound silly, but we really want our kids to remember why we celebrate Christmas and what it is about.  Raleigh helped make the cupcakes and had a blast!!  Honestly, she could care less about what you are making as long as she can hold the wisk!  When it came time to eat cupcakes...that is when things got a little bit tricky.  She grabbed a handful of icing and shook it everywhere!  Then she decided to let Titus in on the action.  As a result, he had icing all over him!!  Everybody in our house needed baths!  We had a great time and Raleigh enjoyed her first cupcake.  The other tradition we started was that everybody gets three Christmas presents...I know it doesn't seem like much, but if Jesus could handle only three, then so can we!  In the future we plan on doing other things also, but for our first Christmas, two traditions were enough!

Raleigh trying to figure out what to do with a cupcake.

Tastes pretty good!!!

She realized that Titus would follow her around and lick her hands because the smell of the icing was still on her hands.  She thought this was quite funny.

Sugar high!!

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Grace Family said...

We do the same thing with the three gifts. It makes the whole thing a lot less stressful and the morning quite sweet when you get to see them play with each thing and really enjoy it. Our kids get things all the time throughout the year, there is no sense in piling it on too big at Christmas.
I love the cake idea too!
Glad you all had a great first Christmas, even with all those services!