Sunday, September 16, 2007

Concrete Please!

We are becoming very anxious about....concrete. I never thought I would say that I was anxious about concrete...but I so am! This week at our house, in one day they put up everything and are ready to pour concrete. So what happened the rest of the week? Nothing. We are waiting for concrete. I am sure there are logical reasons to why they haven't poured the concrete, but I am beginning to wonder. I am beginning to brainstorm about what I could do to help the process move more quickly...taking the workers some lunch...sending them a fruit basket...starbucks...maybe we will just have to wait and be patient.

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thekisers said...

hey girl! i found your blog through someone else's blog. if y'all are in houston we all need to get together!! my email is and cell is 713-385-1016. your house looks like it is going to be so beautiful!!:) chris (my fiance) just bought a house and we remodeled it. it is a fun (and frustrating) process!!